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Intimate Conversations

Sep 15, 2021

Dr. Jordan who insisted I call him Tom, is a wealth of information, awareness, inspiration and guidance on how to improve your love life if it's been a pattern of disappointment for you. He takes us through a 3 step process from identification through challenge into choice. We know that couples who grow together have the best chance at staying together. We also know it's not another's job to make us happy... yet so many of us learn from our upbringings to become what we watched... abuse, neglect, control, dishonesty etc and through habit or unconsciousness... we attract the same. Tom loves to awaken his clients into consciousness, which awakens their intuition and they begin to become more empowered, intuitive and successful in their love relationships... instead of attracting abuse, they attract respect. Instead of being abandoned, they attract someone committed... why? Because now they respect themselves, are committed to themselves. The inside always creates the outside. We even joke about our underwear... this interview is an invitation to more life force energy and aliveness about what's possible. Enjoy!


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