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Intimate Conversations

Aug 3, 2022

I may have found one of my new besties... there's something CRAZY YUMMY when Sue and I connect! I was just on her Podcast recently and this week her vivacious contagious divine energy blessed our world! We spoke of what it REALLY means to do the work. She began with a lovely BDay message and card she pulled from past Intimate Conversations Guest Colette Baron Reid... SPOT ON! She went on to share her adoption story and the reunion with her birth mother. She shared deliciously about her post-divorce SIGNS to move to Bend, OR, and also vulnerably about her post-divorce ugly cry moments. We both cringe at the word "try." We both love amazing sex! We both agree that we teach people how to treat us. You will no doubt be ON FIRE by the time you finish listening to two authentic, genuine, hot mess masterful coaches shoot the sh*t in contribution to your magical journey. Enjoy! xoxo


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