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Intimate Conversations

Aug 18, 2021

You can't help anyone unless you're happy... said the Dali Lama to Kristina as she was trying to come to terms with supporting refugees who had lost everything while simultaneously building MIndValley to support people in living fulfilled extraordinary lives. Yes... in this beautiful conversation spanning the experience of conscious uncoupling, parenting, lockdown, dating and more... we shared our journeys and the choice to Keep Our Light On for those until they come around in their own Divine Time to our choices that they may not agree with. Living our Truth is such a brave act. Kristina's vulnerability, honesty, humor and truth is highly inspiring and will instantly put you at ease with your personal transformation journey. We spoke of the courage to truly spend time with yourself... and to remember we can't live for another person... it's too much pressure to put on them... to give space, Grace and to love all parts of ourselves that come up in that dance of relationship. To help with that she has created a simple yet profound 7 days of happiness at to support us keeping our light on in the face of will LOVE this conversation. Let it resonate deep within and awaken what's next on your glorious journey of Self Love.



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