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Intimate Conversations

May 18, 2018

WOW!!!I I adore this woman! She GETS it! She's powerful and vulnerable and is willing to take radical responsibility for her life and not be the victim of circumstances. You are going to LOVE this conversation that shares about how many successful women are still seeking from an unhealthy place of emptiness to find worth in accomplishments... trying to fill the bottomless cup from the outside which is a complete illusion.

Fullness comes from the inside. What would fill your thirsty soul? (Perhaps her retreat to Bali?) Our wholeness, our sacred sovereignty comes from filling up the cup on the inside. What do you hunger for in the depths of your body and soul? Do you have sacred sisterhood in your life? What new choices could you make that would be an expression that YOU'RE OK, in fact you're delicious? You are going to LOVE this conversation... don't worry, we'll invite her back ;-) 

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