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Intimate Conversations

Oct 9, 2019

How did I get so lucky to meet and feature such wise delicious unique people on this show for your growth, evolution and freedom? Thank you Universe!!!! Genevieve shared with me about her dark past, how being a Dominatrix literally healed her, how she now works with couples to awaken polarity again, how working with Jaiya (dear friend and find my interview with her in Intimate Conversations as well) is so aligned with awakening ALL people to their fullest sexual energetic capacity as a ShapeShifter. This means you let love flow with all the different ways of connecting energetically, sensually, sexually and with kink. Shame dissolves. Choice is all that's left. What a delicious pleasure to see the healing Genevieve also provided men in her Dom sessions, holding them for 15-20 minutes at the end as the energy integrated, as the shame resolved, as the love healed. Wow. You will love this interview. xox

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