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Intimate Conversations

Oct 3, 2019

Talk about getting along like a house on fire!! Gary and I have SUCH similar points of view on the importance of dropping labels and instead dropping into feelings. His life path has led him to focus on what I believe the core essence of intimacy is all about. He focuses on feeling welcomed with joy, worth and nourished, cherished and protected, empowered with choice. Sound familiar? YES!

I love how he's an eternal student of life, walks his talk, slows down to listen to his truth and asks Who can this experience help me to become? We agree on so many ways to repair love and letting go of defensiveness... and also share the awareness that LOVE is lost in the little moments... so the importance of intimacy, making deep contact, truly listening and more... you will enjoy this interview and listen to it several times I imagine... xoxo 

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