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Intimate Conversations

Nov 8, 2023

This was delicious. I was delighted by Sofia's return to the show with her beloved Oliver.  We began with a love story of how they met and how each of them had done enough inner work to be sovereign souls meeting in a more clear, aligned place than past relationships. They went on to express the tenets of their relationship, a stand for each other's full liberation of all that is, which leads to deeper trust. Also, mutual love, kindness and friendship, that even through the turbulent weather of relationships, deepen respect and expand connection. 

In this touching, transparent and inspiring conversation we also discussed...

-The 3 chapters of their relationship thus far over the past 4 years and the challenges and integrations they have embodied.

-How their Union is the most natural partnership they've ever experienced, truly a coming home... and why this is so.

-How they've navigated the challenges of healing wounds, business and work, reconfiguration and merging into an even sexier open truthful, beautiful and free dynamic.

-You will want to stay until the end witnessing their heartfelt appreciation of one another… it was literally like I was looking at a heart pulsating beating and speaking in mutual love, trust, respect and ecstasy.

Many misunderstand what power really is. I misunderstood thinking it was about control, making something happen. Now I know it flows in, as and through us as the Divine. My cherished Intimate Conversations Podcast return guest Sofia agrees and has a beautiful Masterclass that includes Power, Sex & Love. I’m certain you will enjoy it too. Sign up now for this incredible Masterclass! 


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