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Intimate Conversations

Apr 12, 2019

AHHH! One of my favorite people on the planet!!! We laugh so much! He provides such honest effective advice. And we don't always agree... I do such deep inner work and he has a more practical approach... yet ultimately we're saying the same thing and desire women to find love. I of course also work with men, yet we're both up for ending suffering and shining light in blind spots.

His Love U program is sensational, 6 months of support to find you a husband. I love that he walks his talk with his initially foreign yet easy, effortless marriage... teaching us all to focus 10 on compatibility and 7 on chemistry to create sustainable growing connection over time. You will get SO much out of this interview to inspire your belief in love. Let us know if you want to join us in Majorca! xoxoxo

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