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Intimate Conversations

Oct 19, 2018

This beautiful spiritual warrior priestess of the light I love to call her... was willing to pump breast milk for her baby in a grocery store which was the only place with a generator during a 3 day storm leaving her and her sweet baby with no power or water. Then today for our interview, another internet issue so she drove to a friend's to be able to do our Zoom interview. This goddess loves an adventure, surfing, eating clean food and living her passionate life of art. 

Partnered with a lovely French man (you have to hear her rendition of his sexy accent xox) she lives in Costa Rica and is building her dream, a retreat center on 3 acres of paradise. She's downloaded her first book and is willing to live with a beginner's mind, free from perfectionism, committed to growth, fulfillment, listening to her intuition and choosing her partner every day. You will love this. 

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