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Intimate Conversations

Oct 26, 2018

Adore this woman. Jeez... 28th and a wild child, listening to her body's wisdom, getting the deliciousness of our sensuality and creativity that's not about sex or penetration... yet VERY sexy and empowering. She's the founder of Wild Vessel and just listened to Kali embracing Fierce Love to move out on her own. She walks her talk, sharing vulnerably about her journey, reminded that if it's not wobbly, you're probably not living ;-) YES!

There were so many profound moments in this interview... one particularly about when we make our own pleasure and being supported our priority (I think she worded it differently... please listen xox) that only THEN can we be a beneficial overflowing resource to all... I like to say it, When mama's happy, everybody's happy. Yet it's the same thing... when we can let go of the fear, tension, shame and hesitance and really ask and RECEIVE what we desire, then from our fullness we are the hugest contribution to all that we love. Yet OMG that takes courage doesn't it? And humility. It's takes our full embodied selves. And it's what's being called for on the planet. Listen deeply now... you'll probably want to listen over and over... enjoy.

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