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Intimate Conversations

Sep 23, 2020

Seriously, I was a little "shitting my pants" before this interview. I had to process my emotions with my coach. I didn’t want to ignore the elephant in the living room; yet, I refused to judge another and let my fears/issues get in the way of honor, equanimity, truth and healing for all.

I was breathtakingly blown away, my heart opened in depth.

Marc graciously danced with my concerns, questions and truth. It was a humble privilege to be so real, deep, honest and open with another being. We shared frustrations, shared life experiences, shared aliveness and shared what’s possible.

I am proud of myself for being real.

I am honored that he took the journey with me.

Also, a glorious book that he co-wrote with Dr. Barbara Hubbard is coming out soon… so much to share about what’s possible moving from Soul Mate to Whole Mate.

You will enjoy 'transparency embodied' and the current of Eros in this intimate conversation. May it inspire YOU to have tough conversations, fiercely love self and other simultaneously.

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