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Intimate Conversations

Aug 16, 2019

OMG we could talk for HOURS about our vaginas, pleasure, juiciness, loving our bodies, speaking sex positive about our desires... Heather is so rare in that she's a board certified OBGYN and has shifted her practice to spend time talking with her patients... getting deep about emotions, hearing their stories. And not only that, Heather walks her talk about how she had a sexless marriage for 2 yrs and was convinced it was that she wasn't desirable, he was having an affair or was gay. None were true. To hear what WAS going on and HOW she shifted it... AND how she turns her patients sex lives around in as little as 19 minutes today... you MUST listen. AND based on what we talked about... it may go up to 21 minutes a day... listen to discover our delicious idea. You will feel SO honored, sexy and badass watching/listening to this episode. Sex rocks! 

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