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Intimate Conversations

Sep 14, 2019

I really enjoyed this interview with Dr. Debi Silber... she was willing to have me question some fundamental principles I believe in, and allow me to discover that we're saying the same thing, just taking a different approach... and that the world NEEDS many approaches to bring someone home to spiritual, physical, mental and emotional thriving. 

We had very similar betrayal experiences. We each have learned and grown through our experiences. We both are better for it and teach others what we've learned so they too can feel and heal... yet you MUST listen to the interview to discover her outcome! Talk about a miracle. Wow. Such an inspiration. You'll also want to listen to her interview at some of the road blocks you may be unknowingly (or knowingly) putting up that sabotage your healing. She gets it AND lives it AND is such a thriving beautiful generous woman, Dr., mother and lover... this one will invite your healing at a deep level. Enjoy! xoxo

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