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Intimate Conversations

Jan 12, 2019

OK, totally happy tears crying right now as I write the synopsis of this show. Dov is perhaps one of the most humble powerhouses I've had on the show. He's done his work, he DOES his work, he INSPIRES deep truth within us to take action in alignment with our Purpose. And not just the outer purpose the world can understand, the rich fertile purpose deep within our core that scares the shit out of us to admit... and live.

Dov is Inc Mag's Top 100 Leadership Speaker, Top 30 Global Leadership Guru’s and the Bestselling Author: Fiercely Loyal. And Dov is a Father To Men. Dov's Dad walked out when he was 7. Hearing Dov's story of awakening to his true reason for living will move you deeply yet that's not the point. The point is for it to move you into action to live YOUR purpose, hold nothing back, fall down and get back up, be curious and champion your best self. YOU WILL FRIGGEN' LOVE THIS INTERVIEW. I'm sending it to my son. May it crack you open wide. xox Allana

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