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Intimate Conversations

Jan 19, 2022

Wow, I haven't learned so much in a while... we agree on so many things and intuitively I know what I know, yet Michael is both highly trained with two masters and years of yoga, meditation, breath work and clinical hypnosis that he explained why so many things DON'T work and why others DO when getting along and thriving with our partners. He encourages us to stop focusing or talking about our problems for enough of a period of time while simultaneously focusing on what we agree upon and co-regulating our systems that only THEN can we work on the issues from a wise, energized and place of greater ease. You'll love to hear at the end of what he LOVES about being alive, it really shows that he's created a life, family, business he loves while simultaneously being real, vulnerable and open that there will always be challenges... the garden will always need tending. Ahhh... you will LOVE this conversation! xoxo


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