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Intimate Conversations

Feb 28, 2023

Oh my God I love this woman! We had so much fun! Emma's story of becoming a human design expert will inspire anyone looking to live their true sacred purpose and let go of fears of being your fullest potential. She had an extraordinary way of expressing to me how I'm wired and designed... 'Hacks' as she calls them to support me in feeling the uniqueness and specialness that I am. One particular dynamic of my chart (obscurer) explained why I'm the one who seems to always call out the elephant in the living room so I so I don't feel bat shit crazy anymore, it's actually my gift! We all have our own unique gifts! And I'm a 'role model' to speak of these secrets and heal taboos to inspire our own unique unapologetic nature. It was such a confirmation of being exactly where I need to be. I encourage you to download your profile, listen to her Podcast and join her community as she feels like a true tribe sister on this planet. Humanity needs all of us to shine in our unique glory! Enjoy!


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