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Intimate Conversations

Nov 14, 2019

Talk about a connected woman. Wow. I've known Devi for years yet I had no idea the depth of spiritual superpower she has and gives her clients as they show up to be seen as their truest selves living their purpose. We spoke of her amazing upbringing... you'll want to listen to hear WHO came to dinner ;-) We spoke of the triumphs and challenges of her marriage. We spoke of her personal practices that hone her in so deeply to her knowing, truth, wisdom, insights and connection with the Divine. At the end you'll enjoy seeing what SHE inspired be to reveal with her heartfelt call for ALL of us to show up and be seen as our truest selves. I love this woman, I am blessed to call her my friend, sister, colleague and inspiration. Be sure to check out her amazing audio to support you in manifesting YOUR dreams. 

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