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Intimate Conversations

Dec 20, 2019

Wow, I've met a brother from another mother! Tribe ;-) Deep connection is his Beingness. Instant presence. He's human like the rest of us... yet he brings such ease, authenticity, grace, tenderness, humor and boldness to a conversation... and transparency. Crazy how we talked bodily functions within the first 5 minutes! ha! He also walks his talk, does his work, is learning to surrender just like me, just like the rest of us. I shed tears feeling so safe in his presence to be real. And I was inspired by the power of a sanctuary... yes I create sanctuaries wherever I go, yet I haven't had 'roots' since last July and he shed light on why things seem spinning energetically... that making a CHOICE (even if I make another choice tomorrow or next year) allows me to calm down, settle inside, exhale, open. We could have talked for days. He GETS it. He truly makes having tough conversations elegant. You will LOVE this conversation. Enjoy xox 

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