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Intimate Conversations

Jun 28, 2019

What a phenomenal deep enlightened conversation. As Danny began his story and began to weave his lessons... I felt like I was literally on a journey of energy home to connection, oneness... so wild! He spoke of the space between words, the power of listening, compassionate listening and how this all relates to our intimate relationship with Self, Source, Purpose and Beloved. I normally speak of Self, Source and Beloved so it was wonderful to learn of this 4th dimension. 

Danny was very honest and vulnerable about his awareness of his purpose while also being aware of where he's still a work in progress... as we all are ;-) In his book The Mosaic the character Mo meets many every day people until one day he meets a Monk who unzipped the sky... a place where among other things... he met his deceased parents... and found Heaven... Danny speaks in poetry, his connection to Truth is palpable, his humility is beautiful and his love for his wife is glorious. Get the book. Enjoy the interview. And most of all, be kind. 

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