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Intimate Conversations

Apr 13, 2018

This sexy BossMom is always on the move! Talk about effective multitasking as our first interview when I had the blessings on being on her Podcast was in her car... and for my Podcast she found a cute coffee shop! Nothing stops this woman from living her truth and empowering her community... even if it means vulnerably sharing about her divorce.

Dana was blessed with a 'good picker' and even though her marriage didn't last, her solid parenting partnership is still thriving. She walks her talk with self care and shared with us that she even shaves her legs EVERYDAY as an honoring of her sexy badass awesome self! (Lord thank you that the video Youtube Portion only showed my upper half as MY legs weren't shaved... yet my toes were polished... does that count? xoxo) She is the walking embodiment of when mama's happy, everybody's happy... so we're two peas in a pod in this regard empowering working moms to insist upon self care, balance and showing their kids what it looks like to live our dreams the best we can. 

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