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Intimate Conversations

Jun 15, 2022

AHHHH.... such dear long friends. So good to have them back on the show. I love how they shared the 5 steps of their relationship... you'll want to listen if you're stuck in a loop many of us get stuck in because we don't know how to navigate conflict to the place of stability. We haven't slowed down to discover what our true values are. We haven't learned that THEY ARE OUR MIRROR and how to love ourselves enough to take true ownership of our wounds and with kindness and bravery love ourselves unconditionally. Listen as they talk about 'the fork' and how they communicate with bravery, ownership, compassion and even if they need a time out... how they resolve issues and grow richly closer over time. It was SO GOOD to reconnect... and at the end... they did what I asked so I could be a spiritual voyeur and inspired by their heartfelt love. Love, Allana xox


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