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Intimate Conversations

Aug 10, 2022

AHHHH! I adore this woman! What a delicious delight. She's so down to earth, completely wise, a gorgeous GILF and for a short period of time, my neighbor in WY! Loree shared SO MANY gems of spiritually deep yet practical tips and tools she's learned in her 37 yr marriage. She does her work and has received the gifts of her marriage to awaken finding her voice, being a better communicator, thinking big and being even more courageous. She's developed patience, respect and forgiveness in her 3 1/2 decade marriage and sees the overarching benefit of health and well being as fueling her best life. Health she says is her religion, physical, mental, emotional spiritual... how it's brought out the best in their intimate relationship, communication and being each other's biggest fan. Her husband gifts her with the attitude of Why Not? allowing her to expand even more into her glory and her face smiles with radiance when she talks about how sexy he still is to her... this is a delicious interview inspiring your desire to GET AFTER IT in life, love, health and relationships. We GET to be here, yes? So let's do the delicious work! Let's have sacred greediness about falling madly in love with ourselves, romancing our lives and making love with the Universe! Enjoy! xoxo


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