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Intimate Conversations

Oct 26, 2023

Coaches coaching coaches… works!

I remember the first time I learned that Sean was interested in coaching with me, I read his blog... wow! What an exquisite writer! (I still look forward to his book!)

This conversation revealed the deeper reason why our souls collided- his mother wounds were exquisitely healed by a female coach... rewiring his capacity to trust the feminine, feel safe, deeply respected, and to awaken his relationship with his own feminine muse of creativity. 

In this deeply vulnerable, alive and passionate conversation we also discussed... 

-How the work he's able to do with his clients has deepened and expanded from what he's integrated coaching together.

-What it really took to collapse the program of his head and genitals running the show and allow his parched yet noble heart to awaken and take the lead.

-How disorienting and destabilizing healing trauma can be... and the tender patience I am honored to provide as he navigates women and dating from an entirely new dimension.

-The importance of follow through with private calls, group coaching and community retreats to ensure lasting results as he pays it forward and rocks his business and life!


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