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Intimate Conversations

Mar 1, 2013

Awesome, grounded, and gorgeous! That's Cherry Norris, I met her at a local dating expert holiday party. I invited her to the show and the rest... was SO FUN! Listen to the show, we totally disagreed on some points but kept honoring one another and in the flow. Too funny! It showed me a lot about how far I've come hearing my truth; listening to my intuition. Life is scary when you can't hear it. We should all stop and hear our truths. Cherry is authentic, honest, brilliant and living what she teaches. You will love her as much as I do! 

Cherry Norris, former dating disaster, currently in a hot happy marriage is here to help you meet and marry your man. Since 2002, Cherry has been coaching smart, savvy, single women and giving fun, fail-proof tips and practical advice to help them have better romantic relationships with men.

Having experienced everything she teaches, Cherry has been there, done it, botched it, learned it and now she’s here to help you! She even made a full-length feature called DUTY DATING, a romantic comedy about a woman who must navigate the perils of dating to ultimately learning how to meet and marry her man.

Cherry swears if she can do it, you can too. With a little learned skill combined with your God given talent, you can create the relationship you want with the man who’s perfect for you!