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Intimate Conversations

Jun 15, 2018

How I adore this man! He's ALWAYS such an inspiration as he shows up for men and women and thriving relationships. AND since we began to know Bryan on Intimate Conversations years ago, he's IN a thriving relationship with his Beloved... and they even teach couples relationship courses together! We connected when Bryan was on a men's weekend with his best friend from childhood... a time of listening, reflection, brotherhood and creation. 

Bryan is a master at explaining how to connect, communicate and bring out the best in his beloved Silvy... and how she is amazing to awaken the best in him. The stories he shares in the podcast will let you know you're not alone AND teach you how to shift the dynamic from conflict to connection in your partnership. We also explored healthy boundaries and masculine feminine energies... truly a moving interview that will lift you to higher ground. Enjoy! 


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