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Intimate Conversations

Oct 23, 2019

What a phenomenal exploration of the power of staying connected to Mother Earth and nature in terms of processing our emotions and being able to hear our truth.

The work that Braden has done with nature skills and appreciation with children as well as with strategic planning meetings for corporations bringing in the powerful elements of nature is very impressive.

Additionally, his brave vulnerability to share his own evolution as a man, as a son, as a lover, and even as the recipient of sexual abuse is inspiring. He's so willing to allow all situations to inspire his evolution and to give his teachings to those he serves. His point of view is that everything is for us and nothing is against us. I totally agree.

His beautiful storytelling of a native American creation story reminds us of what we've need to let go of to make space for what's ready to emerge. It reminds us to go with him and listen to truth as we step forward in Divine Right action on our beautiful planet. And Braden reminds us how that deepening our connection allows for straight direct kind communication with ourselves and our beloved. Enjoy!

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