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Intimate Conversations

May 5, 2021

Crazy, Rebel, Misfit, troublemaker, are a few of the adjectives that have been used to describe David T.S. Wood, some others are, humanitarian, pinnacle leader, multi-millionaire, adventurer, master educator
and goofball.
David is as comfortable leading a team to the 19,000ft summit of Kilimanjaro, ‘The Roof of Africa’, as he is brain- storming with billionaires about changing the world.
He has trained over "One Million" students from all corners of the world, and regard- less of the venue, the language they speak or the duration of his program, his students ALWAYS describe him the same way: Fearless, transparent, authentic, hilariously funny, effective and life changing.
His radical, non-apologetic approach is not for everyone; it’s definitely not for the faint of heart, or for the person who is not ready for change, the person who is content to sit on the sidelines and watch the game of life being played out in front of them by others who are tired of the status quo or playing by the rules.
David continues to work all over the world helping his students break through their fears, create freedom and design extraordinary lives.

He likes to say however that his greatest accomplishment is being the proud father of his two son's Calvin and Ben.
Dang I love this man! He's a soul brother for sure! I adore how his love of water, which symbolizes the world of emotions, is a super power for him to dance with uncertainty and live outside the comfort zone... which he calls the Unknown Zone. This is where you let go of control, accept what's happening, release expectations and thrive with adaptability and gratitude. Sounds easy enough? Not really... the foundation of ALL OF THIS was revealed in stories of Self Trust. David shares his life journey from England around the globe to his current moment in flow with his boat in Antigua. He shares of navigating several relationships with honesty, integrity and truth as he continues to thrive with his wonderful son's mother from whom he's separated... being humble, childlike and consistently practicing being unapologetic, adventurous and kind. You'll love the story of flipping a coin... Enjoy!

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