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Intimate Conversations

Apr 29, 2021

Talking with Derek is like talking with Buddha. He's so wise AND breaks things down into the practical. We speak the same language of the inside out being our true nature... letting go of strategies and controlling outcomes. We listen to energy. We know what resonates is Grace Itself. He speaks so eloquently, poetically. It's mesmerizing and also inspiring and practical. You'll learn the beginnings of the Emergence Principle and Abundance Principle... about the Law of Circulation. You'll hear in what he says and perhaps remember in your Soul that all you desire is already here... is already IN you... you'll have a chance to receive a beautiful complimentary package from him that will reveal the true nature and source of wealth and abundance found at that you'll want to pick up... and maybe you'll join me in his awakened wealth program that I'm drawn to participate in... I love being both a master and a student. Derek reminds us what is IN the way... IS the way... yes indeed all of life is for us... even that. Especially that. Enjoy this profound conversation and follow the bliss. xox


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