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Intimate Conversations

Feb 20, 2018

Nancy was in a relationship when she began my 7 part process that I take my private clients through... and that you can go through at your own pace in my Home Study Heart Splayed Wide Open program. She was highly successful business woman about two years out of a divorce, still being dragged back in for financial matters while dating a man that kept her at a distance, gave her lavish gifts but didn’t want to be exclusive, wasn’t emotionally available, wasn’t over his ex, hadn’t done any work to heal it, you could hear it in the way he spoke to his daughter.


As we went through our sessions, not only did she look 10 years younger, she began easily speaking up at family gatherings. She began putting down healthier structures in her work schedule. She didn’t get triggered anywhere near as much when speaking with her Dad and finally really felt like a woman (although she was already in her late 40’s). Her voice even changed talking with her father, her colleagues and her boyfriend. She began being more playful with her nieces. She got creative again with her painting. 


Then she actually discovered a truth inside her heart that she couldn’t hear before she went through these transformational processes in the course… That she really DID desire healthy intimacy and a committed relationship and a kind man who was emotionally available. 

With no blame or anger, no attachment or trying to to the outcome… she told the man she was dating it was totally OK if he didn’t want exclusivity, but she did. Unexpectedly, he stepped up! They are now discovering more and more each day, how to cultivate vulnerable connected deep and fulfilling Intimate connection. What if you were able to dissolve what was in the way of you being your best self and inviting the best in a man? Listen here to find out how... xox